Six Week Intermediate Spanish Course: Jan-Feb

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Come learn Spanish with us at Mil Mundos! Whether for work, family, lovers or friends, there is no time like now to strengthen your command of Spanish. If you’re rusty on your Spanish or need some help putting together your thoughts, this class is right for you! With a max class size of seven students, learn Spanish interactively from a native speaker through poetry, shows, conversation and more. While parts of this class will be taught in Spanish to aid listening comprehension, the majority of this class in this session will be taught in English.

Wednesday class dates for this session are as follows: 

January 15
January 22
January 29
February 5
February 12
February 19

Each class has a maximum of seven seats. While we are unable to offer refunds or discounts for any classes students may have to miss because of scheduling or other last-minute conflicts that may arise, it is important to our crew to make an effort to accommodate those that may have to miss a class. Notes are made available for all classes, and students are encouraged to discuss with their instructors directly for ways to get looped in on missed coursework.

A certificate of completion at the end of the course is available upon request if needed for tuition reimbursement. Please note that we do not hand out certificates of completion unless the course was attended and all coursework has been completed.

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