Education Initiatives

With over 30 public and private primary and secondary schools in Bushwick, Mil Mundos aims to support the education and empowerment of every student in our community. As a registered VENDEX vendor, we can support your needs regardless of scale. Email for more information on any of the services below, including custom curriculum design, textbook availability, after school group tutoring, or class visits to the shop specifically tailored to your class' needs. 


Store Visits

Visiting a bookstore can be an extremely formative experience for students - even more so when the titles in the shop represent their culture and heritage. Are you interested in scheduling class visits to our shop? We can arrange to have your class visit during any weekday, with conversations about bookstores and self-empowerment tailored to any grade level, and discounts available to students and schools for any book purchases at that time. 


Curriculum Design 

Looking to fill your curriculum with literature relevant to your students' everyday experience, but not sure what's available in stores? Let us help you ensure that the texts your curriculum is built around are available, accessibly priced, and on hand for your students when class starts.


Textbook Sales 

We are happy to research the availability of given texts, to promote accessibility for students to critical texts for their coursework. Special orders can be made in-store or by email, for which we can invoice ahead of time for the title to be picked up at the store or mailed directly to you. 



We are so excited to offer tutoring classes to students in the Bushwick community and beyond!

Class sessions run for an hour each, in groups of 4-6 students. Classes are scheduled on our calendar once a class reaches 4 students. Classes cost $30 per hour, per student. Please fill out the Google Form in the link below if you are looking to sign up for tutoring classes! If you are looking to get tutoring for more than one student, please fill out this form once for each student.

Each student will have their space in the class held for them going forward once the class is on the calendar. Two absences in a row may result in the space in the class going to another student, especially if there is a waiting list at the time. Please let any of us at the shop know about any extenuating circumstances!