Become a Vendor

Having such a diverse selection from Black and Latinx artists across the states is part of what makes Mil Mundos so great. If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please contact us at Take a look at the selection on our website for the types of items we stock. We are always open to new ideas, and find it in our mission to showcase works from Black and Latinx artists!

We want to be transparent with writers and artists in our community. So, we’ve laid out our purchasing policy in detail below:

For new vendors, we are happy to review your crafts or titles to be sold at our shop and/or online on a consignment basis. This is a great way for emerging writers and artists to have their work available for purchase to a broader audience. We pay out 50% of the retail price to you once your items sell. This payout occurs once every 60 days, or once we are sold out of your item, whichever comes first. We reserve the right to end consignment terms after 90 days if sales are unsustainable. In selecting a retail price, we look to make sure that the wholesale amount that we pay out does not cut into your overhead, but also does not make the final retail price too inaccessible for community members and customers online.

For vendors whose products have an established sales record with us, we may switch to direct buy terms, or for larger purchase orders, Net 60 terms. With direct buy terms, we pay upon receipt of product. With Net 60 terms, we acknowledge payment due within 60 days of receipt of invoice, and will submit any overstock returns to you for credit toward said invoice in that time. Invoices under $100 for products we order regularly and anticipate selling in full will generally not be subject to Net 60 terms. We reserve the right to determine when a vendor is able to switch from consignment terms to direct buy or Net 60 terms.