School Trips to Mil Mundos

Take a class trip to Mil Mundos! (Available for K-12) Visiting a bookstore can be an extremely formative experience for students - even more so when the titles in the shop represent their culture and heritage. Are you interested in scheduling class visits to our shop? We can arrange to have your class visit during any weekday, with conversations about bookstores and self-empowerment tailored to any grade level, and discounts available to students and schools for any book purchases at that time. 

Class trips to Mil Mundos are roughly two hours each. We recommend class sizes no larger than 20-25 students, as well as their chaperones. Trip and programming fees are $15 per student - which includes a free paperback book of their choice to take home with them at the end of the trip!

- Learn how bookstores work from the booksellers themselves! We discuss how a small business like us places orders, the differences between vendors and publishers, and how we work with authors and publishers alike to bring the voices of our culture to our community

 - We have full Kids and Young Adult sections, with books available in both English and Spanish. Learn about the different routes authors have before them to get their story out in the world, whether signed to a major publisher, or published on their own. 

 - Search the store in a scavenger hunt! We ask students to find a book in the store based on a proposed question during the visit, to present to the class as a group. 

 - At the end of the trip, each student gets to take a paperback book of their choice home with them! Hardcover books or any additional purchases are eligible for a 10% discount during the trip. 

If you are interested in having a class trip to Mil Mundos, email with the name of your high school, the grade level, class size, and ideal dates to get started. Interested in arranging a class trip, but looking for additional funding options? Please reach out to us to discuss further options or arrangements.