Our Story

The idea for Mil Mundos Books came about in the Fall of 2018, when construction for newer, over-priced housing was finally spilling over Myrtle Ave into eastern Bushwick, and new businesses in the area were popping up catering primarily to those moving into said housing. But, what about the community of folks already living in Bushwick? Does your community still feel like your own, when you are surrounded by constant work being done to your neighborhood, none of which seems to be for you?

We wanted to create a business with a commitment to accessibility and a mission of empowering those already in the neighborhood. Enter Mil Mundos Books: currently the only bookstore in Bushwick east of Myrtle Ave, with nearly 50% of its titles available in Spanish - the dominant language spoken in Bushwick, even over English. We curate for those seeking empowerment through literature, workshops, events, and the sustenance of community. A space where two people can talk excitedly in any language without being told to keep the volume down; where culture is celebrated and held close. Accessibility for those already present in our community is a priority for us, regardless of means.

During a time where engaging with real estate feels completely inaccessible, and entire neighborhoods are being offered up by our elected officials to tech companies bargaining for the best cash deal, we at Mil Mundos feel there is no better option than to hold ground, and insist on making a space where Black and Latinx heritage can be celebrated and explored.