Our Mission Statement

Mil Mundos Books’ primary mission is to remain dedicated to larger-scale anti-gentrification work in eastern Bushwick and beyond, and to maintain a curation and space that celebrates Black and Latinx heritage and supports the narratives of these cultures. Our two strategies toward this end are:

1. Proactively engage with the community - especially with Black and Latinx communities adversely affected by incoming commerce - to maintain a two-way conversation about how best to encourage and support their autonomy and agency in their own neighborhood and lives.

2. Maintain a culture of acceptance, inclusivity, and healthy communication both within the store and as an organization overall, serving as a model of our commitment to our values in any work environment.

While we are currently organized as an LLC, it is our goal to eventually transition over to either a worker-owned business model or to a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Any profits made after paying off debts and ensuring fair wages for those working the storefront on a daily basis will be reinvested into the community and furthering the mission of the space.

If you are a corporate attorney or a non-profit attorney and are interested in helping us with this endeavor please reach out to us.